MIT Is Working on Furry Wetsuits to Help Keep Humans Warmer Under Water

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Ever notice how furry coats help keep sea otters warm in the water?

Well, MIT researchers have taken note and are working on developing furry wetsuits so-to-speak that would help keep humans, specifically divers.

In addition, moving away from traditional wetsuits and into the furry westsuit realm would actually give people more mobility under water.

By carrying out numerous tests and simulations in regards to otter and beaver’s fur coats, the researchers were able to concoct a formula that can calculate exactly how long and dense a layer of fur needs to be in order to effectively trap air based on the speed of a diver entering the water.

Essentially, future furry wetsuits could potentially consist of a thinner, more flexible material than neoprene foam, coated in millions of tiny artificial hairs.