LG Showing Off a Bendable Screen Prototype You Can Easily Roll Up

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This year’s Consumer Electronics show takes place this week and there are numerous things to be excited about, with LG’s new bendable screen prototype being no exception.

The 18-inch display from LG can easily be rolled up like a newspaper, representing the latest product in the company’s forward-looking OLED work.

It’s no secret that bendable, rollable, and curving displays seem to be the future of media, something to look forward to when thinking about the durability of futuristic smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

Sony, Samsung, and Sharp have shown off similar bendable screen displays but it remains to be seen which company will actually get their technology to market first.

In addition to the 18-inch bendable screen prototype, LG plans to unveil a 55-inch “paper thin” TV that has all its electronics installed independently at CES this week.

The future is bright in the world of electronics!