The Largest Coal Producer In China Is Constructing a Massive Solar Plant

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The Shenhua Group is the largest coal producer in China, a country which happens to produce more coal than any other nation in the world.

Now, the Shenhua Group is partnering with California-based SolarReserve, in order to build a gigantic solar plant in China.

Just how big with this new solar plant?

It is expected to supply 1,000 megawatts of power, which is impressive but minuscule compared to the 65,000MW of total generating capacity Shenhua has overall.

However, Shenhua’s solar plant will represent a step in the right direction for China as the nation continues to try and curb its pollution problems.

The new plant is also a major milestone when it comes to China’s commitment to installing 10,000MW of solar power in the next five years.