Heat Map Microwave Prototype Uses IR Cameras To Display Thermal Food Image

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Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has invented a heat map microwave prototype designed to help people stop nuking their food and heat items to the perfect temperature.

Microwaves have been around for a while, but very rarely has the product received a potential breakthrough technology like this one since its inception.

Rober’s Heat Map Microwave utilizes an infrared lens inside the microwave and an LED screen in order to display a thermal image of pizza rolls for example, allowing more precise heating of food so-to-speak.

According to Rober, you can use a smartphone to control/monitor the microwave and even set the Heat Map Microwave to shut itself off when food reaches its optimal temperature.

Instead of utilizing a crowd sourcing platform such as Kickstarter, Rober has been collecting signatures for a petition to support his microwave, so far amassing upwards of 20,000 supporters.