GM Will Resurrect the Hummer and it’s Going to Be Electric

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General Motors has decided that the time has come to introduce the next generation of the Hummer SUV to the world, and it’s going to be an electric one.

While nothing official is out yet, information about a commercial featuring LeBron James has leaked to the public. The ad is going to be shown during the Super Bowl break, maximizing the impact of the announcement about the upcoming model.

Hummer trucks and SUVs are almost ridiculous outside the U.S. They have no grace, style, handling virtues, safety, fuel economy, or even basic practicality. Yet, in the United States, the Hummer is a symbol of power, superiority, and eminence. After all, the Hummer started as a military vehicle built by “AM General” back in the eighties, so it holds something patriotic that resonates well with the average American consumer.

Although the start was impressive, the next generations of the trucks didn’t do well in terms of sales. Thus, the company entered a bankruptcy state in 2009, and nothing has happened with Hummer since 2010. General Motors tried and failed to sell it to a Chinese automaker, and this was the last we heard about it.

With a full decade having passed since these events, it looks like we are close to an amazing revival of the Hummer nameplate, which is rumored to come through an all-electric new SUV. Obviously, no concrete details are known yet, but some claim that the new model will go on sale as soon as by late 2021. Although nothing has been revealed about the specs of the new model, we are sure that it’s going to be an imposingly large SUV, as this is a distinctive trait that underpins all previous models of the marque.

Image by David Bailey from Pixabay