Fukushima Will Be Home To The Biggest Floating Wind Turbine on Earth!

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The biggest floating wind turbine on Earth, which is a 620-foot, 1,500-ton windmill atop a 5,000-ton podium, will soon sit 12 miles from the destroyed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The turbine, set to begin a movement towards green energy in Japan, will generate up to 7 megawatts of electricity, making it not only the largest floating wind turbine in the world but also the most powerful wind turbine in all of Japan.

Japan’s new turbine features three 270-foot-long blades and can withstand 200 mph winds, as part of the government-sponsored $401 million Fukushima wind farm project.

Since it is tough to build wind turbines on Japan’s mountain-filled terrain, installing buoyant solar panels and wind turbines on the water that surrounds Japan makes perfect sense.

Not to mention the fact that stronger winds at sea will help increase energy output and eliminate the need to worry about land restrictions.

Be on the lookout for more and more similar floating wind turbines to pop up across the world in the future.