Forget Pills… Electronic Aspirin Is The Future Of Treating Headaches

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Headache by typographyimages via Pixabay, licensed under CC0 1.0

In the Healthcare industry, the development of new, more advanced technology reigns supreme as researchers are continuously striving to make treatments and medicines available to all types of people experiencing a wide range of unique issues.

Many who suffer from intense migraines get zero relief from taking aspirin tablets and other headache pills, sometimes as a result of sphenopalatine neural structure (SPG) which is associated with severe headaches and facial pain.

Autonomic Technologies Inc. has developed an innovative technology called Electronic Aspirin, capable of treating the prime stage of migraines that aspirin pills cannot.

The new technology utilizes a small nerve stimulating device that is firmly implanted into someone experiencing a headache.

When a patient senses the inception of head pain, the pointed tip edge of the insert connects with the SPG bundle, stimulating the SPG nerve through signals passed by the device and ultimately blocking the ache caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters.

While it is still in development, Electronic Aspirin represents a potential major technological advancement, capable of stymying those who suffer from pro-longed headached and/or migraines.