Ford Develops New Technology For Projection Headlights: Indicators On The Road

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American automaker Ford is developing a new technology that uses a vehicle’s headlights to project warnings directly on the road. The brand calls it “High-Resolution Headlights.”

The new technology, which is part of Ford’s safety system development, intends to keep drivers totally focused on the road while presenting them with intersection alerts, changes in speed limits, and forecast details.

Ford plans to debut the headlights feature in Europe but the automaker has not revealed the models which will be fitted with the new technology.

The American company is not the first one to put these projection headlights in the work. The same technology has been featured in the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class limousine.

Ford’s approach, however, is still distinguished by the integration of changes in speed limits and weather information. If successful, we are likely to see this advanced system implemented in the first popular commercial vehicles.

Ford said it began researching high-resolution headlights technology after realizing the benefits of displaying information right in front of the driver.

The information displayed on the road will help keep the driver from being distracted and enable absolute focus on observing the route. All driving information will be on display on the road, which minimizes the chance of drivers taking their eyes off the road.

Ford believes this feature will bring safety benefits to other road users. The auto manufacturer explained a scenario when a pedestrian is poised to cross in front of the car, a road marking will display for both drivers and pedestrians to observe.

In addition, the driver will also be suggested on how to handle to ensure that motorcyclists or cyclists have enough safe space to proceed with overtaking.

The technology is expected to reach its fullest potential on a road with no traffic lights where the driver is more likely to miss an important sign or be surprised when a bend suddenly appears.

Apart from basic elements such as displaying speed limits, navigation, and weather information, this feature also predicts the safe width of the car when traveling on the road or in tight spaces.

The engineers are also further exploring lighting technology in order to expand the capabilities of headlights beyond simply illuminating the road.

Article & Image Source: Ford