Eiffel Tower Makes Push For More Efficient Tech… Installs 2 Hidden Wind Turbines

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The 127-year-old Eiffel Tower has been undergoing many changes over the past few years in an attempt to add more efficient tech to the structure.

We’ve all heard about the addition of lights and glass floors, but the tower’s latest update was specifically designed to be relatively secretive and hidden from the naked eye.

Urban Green Energy has installed two vertical axis wind turbines, approximately 400 feet from ground level, in order to catch as much wind as possible in Paris.]

The turbine blades were painted bronze in order to blend in with the tower’s legs so not only are they extremely hard to see, the UGE claims they are essentially silent. In fact, UGE says, the turbines are “quieter than a human whisper.”

That’s pretty darn quiet!

Only time will tell how the Eiffel Tower’s new hidden and silent wind energy initiative will pay off but I’m sure Gustave Eiffel would approve.