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E-Skin Smart Fitness Shirts Transform Your Body Into a Gaming Controller

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Japanese startup Xenoma is making a splash in the wearable fitness industry with its e-skin smart fitness shirts.

Outfitted with sensors, the e-skin shirts essentially turn your body into a gaming controller as every movement is easily translated on-screen.

While this may not seem like a breakthrough idea, pairing the smart fitness shirts with the proper tech and apps actually has the potential to revolutionize the exercise industry.

At the moment, there is a concept game which encourages a wild array of movement, which can be seen in the video below.

As the home fitness industry continues to grow and time is at a premium, the ability to throw on e-skin shirts to get fit instead of having to travel to the gym is an attractive option.

Eventually, Xenoma hopes its Smart fitness shirts will be able to provide much more valuable data than simple wearable, for example EKG readings being performed in real-time as well as respiratory analysis.