Despatch Introduces New Large Capacity Walk-in Oven Models to Its Standard Product Line

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Despatch Thermal Processing Technology

Despatch Industries is expanding its line of walk-in ovens with new models that have a capacity of 476 and 952 cubic feet respectively. The ovens have a maximum operating temperature of 650°F and are available with Class A configurations and electric or gas heat.

The ovens are an expansion to the TAD/TFD batch oven line and feature uniflow airflow to ensure uniform temperatures throughout the oven. High volume fans deliver heated air through adjustable louvers from both sides of the chamber. This air moves horizontally and vertically through the work chamber to be reheated and recirculated through the system. The result is proven reliability in demanding production applications, such as aging, bonding, curing, drying, finish baking and heat treating.

“There has been an increased demand for our high capacity ovens – particularly unitized construction that arrive at the customer site requiring very little assembly,” said Jeff Bell, Director of Product Management at Despatch. “These new standard models are designed for easy installation and a shorter time to production.”

The TAD/TFD3-48 and TAD/TFD3-96 ovens are equipped with a Watlow F4T temperature controller and high limit controller with 4.3 inch graphical touch-screen interface and Ethernet Modbus. The controller can be programmed with up to 40 ramp/soak profiles. Data-logging functionality enables reporting and analyzing and data files can be exported via the controller’s USB port.

The TFD3-48 and TFD3-96 models are Class A ovens specifically designed to meet NFPA 86 requirements for applications that include flammable solvents. These ovens come complete with a pressure relief panel, purge timer, and exhaust fan.

Despatch Industries has specialized in thermal processing for over 100 years. Despatch industrial ovens and other thermal products are used for a host of critical applications, focusing on the electronics, healthcare, materials, transportation and industrial markets.