Corning Now Wants To Install Its Gorilla Glass Into Automobiles!

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Corning, most notable for its Gorilla glass used for iPhone screens, has announced its plans to eventually implement the state-of-the-art glass into automobiles.

Corning has been working with BMW for years, but hopes to make a bigger splash in the industry as a whole through working its way into sunroofs and windshields in the near future.

This new venture provides more opportunity for Gorilla glass and Corning because automobiles feature a “total glass opportunity of 5.5 billion square feet,” versus about 4 billion for LCD screens in consumer electronics devices.

While Corning certainly has a chance to be big player in the market, the company believes they are probably still 3 or 4 years away from tackling the prospect of Gorilla glass in cars.

In the meantime, they plan on building stronger, more damage resistant, lighter weight glass, and sharing their test results with the public to prove the superiority of the products they offer.