Art Student Creates The Spector Which Captures the Font and Colors of Everyday Life

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Royal College of Art student, Fiona O’Leary, has developed a device capable of capturing any color or font you may run into while you’re out and about in the world.

The prototype, called the Spector, can literally be put up to a sign outside of a restaurant with a neat font and immediately load it into Adobe InDesign.

The Spector works thanks to an algorithm which takes the image or font snapped in the photo, then cross-referencing the collection of shapes, letters, symbols, and hues with a database in order to ultimately identify what it is looking at.

Incredibly, the Spector can easily identify the CMYK/RGB values of colors.

Capable of recognizing seven different font families, in addition to a myriad of other characteristics, the device is certainly a practical prototype, but it’s not yet available to the public.

As someone who works in marketing, I would love to own the Spector to capture bits and pieces of art or eye-popping fonts as I go through a normal day.