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FCH2-12 Furnace for Annealing

Despatch designed and built a custom FCH2-12 furnace for a special component annealing application. Per the customer’s request, the FCH incorporated HEPA filtration of fresh air and a 316L interior for improved chamber cleanliness. Other features included modulating dampers on the fresh air and exhaust to allow a controlled cooling rate and a large forced exhaust fan to promote rapid cooling after a cycle. A Watlow F4 controller with WatView software was provided to support a variety of cycle profiles with a highly flexible profiling controller.

The FCH2-12 furnace is available with standard design features including 1350°F (732°C) maximum temperature rating, 7 inches of layered insulation, 304 stainless steel fully welded interior, horizontal airflow with adjustable supply and return louvers and a 5 HP recirculation drive motor. The oven is capable of temperature uniformity of ±1% or better after stabilization. This oven is compatible with a variety of high temperature processes

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