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Billet Mixer Cart

This specially designed truck with automatic engagement to a rotating drive is for warming various plastic pellets to be used in injection molding processes. The rotating cart keeps the pellets from sticking together while at temperature.

Custom Trucks and Carts

Products may be moved into and out of ovens by a wide variety of material handling equipment. Despatch can engineer custom truck solutions from simple manual systems to complex automated systems. For a truck loaded oven, you need to consider how many products can be loaded on the truck, the weight of the loaded truck, number of trucks that will fit in the oven, and the length of the process time in the oven. Trucks and carts can be designed to optimize the airflow pattern of the oven around the load. The main goal is to minimize obstructions to the airflow for more uniform heat distribution and to maximize the product surface area with which airflow will come into contact.

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