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Customer Tests Confirm Reduced Cycle Times Using the Patent Pending Despatch Split-Zone™ Oxidation Oven

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, February 14, 2017 – A second customer evaluation of the Despatch Split-Zone™ Oxidation Oven was recently completed. The results confirm that the new oxidation technology provides a significant reduction in cycle time.

The customer, a large North American based carbon fiber producer, reported that they could have up to 20% higher speed and throughput using this system. Half of the increase is directly related to longer heated length and the rest attributed to the split zone and temperature uniformity compared to their existing production line.

An earlier customer test conducted using premium grade precursor achieved the target density in just two zones with a dwell time of 44 minutes, a reduction in cycle time of nearly 35%. A white paper is available on the Despatch website with complete details on this customer evaluation.

“The Split-Zone Oxidation Oven introduces revolutionary technology that allows customers to push the temperature in the oven beyond what was ever possible before,” said John Stafford, Carbon Fiber Business Development Manager at Despatch. “As customers become more confident in the technology we expect that cycle times will be reduced even more than these initial tests.”

Patent protection is pending for the Despatch Split-Zone™ Oxidation technology. This patent applies to the split zone control which provides two discrete thermal profiles for the upper and lower half of the chamber. Separate plug fans and controls allow you to increase the temperature in the upper half of the oven by as much as 10⁰C. An additional patent is pending for the orifice-plate nozzle structures which eliminate the side-to-side and directional variance inherent in conventional nozzle designs.

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