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Line Equipment:

  • Center-to-ends oxidations ovens
  • Abatement systems
  • Input creel
  • Rolls, stands and drives
  • Pre-carbonization furnace
  • Carbonization furnace
  • Surface treatment equipment
  • Contact drying system
  • Sizing equipment
  • Non-contact drying system
  • Take-up winders
  • 20 to 2700 metric ton capacity
  • 1K to 320K tow
  • Integrated control system with SCADA interface
  • Installation, commissioning and optimization of the entire line

Product Specialists

Integrated Carbon Fiber Production Lines

Integration and Optimization of the Small and Large Tow Production Lines

Despatch Industries is an experienced turnkey process line supplier for the carbon fiber industry. We provide a seamless process for installation and optimization of complete, integrated carbon fiber production lines. Our team of experts from around the world has over 40 years of carbon fiber equipment design and material processing experience.

Despatch provides comprehensive systems for 1k to 320k tow manufacturing lines. Our best-in-class equipment and technology solutions are easily optimized to enable customers to reach their specific production goals and manufacture the highest quality fiber at the lowest cost per kilogram of fiber produced.

Oxidation Ovens

See oxidation oven page for details

LT and HT Furnaces

Despatch offers LT and HT furnaces designed for ease of operation with quick access to the muffle interior for easy cleaning. A PLC provides precise temperature control, critical systems monitoring and automated heat up and cool down programs. The energy efficient design uses reclaimed heat for the inert atmosphere gas. The internal atmosphere is uniformly sealed and remains in balance while the exhaust removes effluent freight.

Surface Treatment

The Despatch surface treatment process provides uniform electro chemical etching across the fiber web. A minimum amount of fresh water and base electrolyte is used due to effective recirculation systems, and electrolyte solution is efficiently removed from the fiber.


A PLC controls the fluid concentration and levels for sizing with a SCADA interface. Size fluid is continually circulated and filtered while in use. The system provides uniform and constant distribution of size on the fiber and easy access for cleaning.

View Carbon Fiber Production Line video, integration and optimization of small and large tow production lines. (2:20)


Following surface treatment the fiber is dried through a contact dryer with a uniform surface temperature. After sizing, a non-contact dryer delivers uniform low velocity airflow with a filtration system to capture fibrous debris. Temperature for both dryers is controlled by a PLC with a SCADA interface.

Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment is engineered for precise fiber transport and speed control, designed for safe operation and easy maintenance. Roller surfaces are damage resistant and the entire system is PLC controlled and monitored.

Integrated Line Control System

An integrated control system allows for accurate, centralized control of temperature and transport drive speeds, higher levels of automation, and increased flexibility of the production line. The integrated control system includes full data-logging and trending and enables the line to run at peak performance with maximum production output.

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