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FCH Cabinet Furnace

The FCH Furnace features horizontal recirculating airflow to ensure exceptional temperature uniformity throughout the furnace. These high-performance ovens deliver temperatures up to 732℃ (1350℉) and are great for such processes as annealing, aging, drying and heat treating applications.

FCH Furnace The Class A version is specifically designed to meet NFPA 86 requirements for applications that include flammable solvents or large amounts of moisture removal. This Class A furnace is complete with a pressure relief panel, purge timer, and exhaust fan.

The FCH cabinet furnace is great for high temperature process development due to its size and capabilities. It is ideal for production of small lot sizes or smaller parts.

Standard Features:

  • Temperatures to 732℃ (1350℉)
  • Fully assembled and factory tested
  • End-of-cycle and high-limit indicators
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Horizontal recirculating airflow






  • Despatch unique adjustable louvers
  • Automated dampers for cooling
  • Audible alarm
  • Access ports for test wires
  • Chart recorder
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